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pre training starts this week and that means I should really set an official “bedtime” for myself.  

that said I have about twelve browser tabs opened, about to open two more, have a butt load of laundry to do, need to watch true blood and dominion and I’m a little hungry.  and it’s almost 10:30.  

it’s safe to say that “bedtimes” are a goal for another day.

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I did some of that yoga stuff today and my body is not happy with me right now.

On a semi-related note, I couldn’t keep up with the 5x5 program this week so it looks like I have to restart it next week.

Also, today is the last day of intake tracking!  I cannot wait to be done with this ritual and I’m actually looking forward to analyzing the results.

And if you took the time to read this then *high five* and have a great weekend!

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Sports are interesting in the fact that some of the people who are best at coaching are those who have never competed at a high level. You’ll find a fair amount of great coaches as managers weren’t great competitors, and may have never competed themselves.

Perfect example: Greg Jackson. Never had a profession MMA fight in his life, yet he’s the best coach + strategist the UFC has ever seen.

Reblogging for everyone who ever said that I didn’t “look like” I knew what I was talking about.

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The Name of the Game is Strength!

With my first marathon behind me, it’s time to get back in the gym and stave off the paunch for as long as physically possible.

I’m getting older so the consensus is that the road is harder.  BS!  I’ll do it because I said I would.  

I’ve mentioned before that I’m more concerned with performance than aesthetics so I won’t be doing much “bodybuilding” in the foreseeable future.  Instead I’m going to stick to a predominantly strength and conditioning training routine that is based on the holy trinity of squats, dead lifts, and bench presses.

I’m going to continue doing a weekly 45 minute to one hour run to stay in running shape until the next official event.  For me that’s going to be the Santa Barbara Marathon, that is if I actually decide to participate.  It’s an expensive run when you factor in lodging but well worth it if you’re a follower of Bacchus like myself. ;)  The next unofficial  event will be my Mt. Whitney hike in May.  I want to be in shape to make the round trip adventure without effort.  Should be fun and definitely worth it.  FYI, our group has two spots open if anyone wants to join us.

I need to work on an official plan for workouts and nutrition but I’m a natural procrastinator so I’ll probably get around to it some time next year.  

Now…seeing as how my boss just treated me to happy hour, this is probably not the best time to make my return to the gym after about 6 months off but it’s now or never!

Wish me luck!

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Training Day 99: The Final Stretch

Well…down to the wire.  Not much to say really except that I wish I had six more MONTHS of training instead of six days.  If you’re my friend on Endomondo then you you know I haven’t gotten NEARLY enough training sessions in.  The only upside is that I haven’t had any injuries and in general I feel great…physically.

As I always knew, the mental aspect is the toughest part of the marathon.  I wish I could say I had a laser focus on the finish line but it really hasn’t quite sunken in yet.  I’m about on pace for a six hour finish.  Not quite the sub two I was hoping for but as long as I don’t encounter death or paralysis as a result of this I’m happy.

The day before the marathon I have to be in Laughlin for a bowling tournament so I’m in a little conundrum.  I have to resist the urge to get hammered in Laughlin, I have to focus on bowling well Saturday morning, I then have to shift gears and focus on being ready for the marathon, me and my buddy have to book it back to L.A. so we can get enough sleep Saturday night, and did I mention we have to “Spring forward” the morning of the marathon?

This week I’m going to do nothing but short runs to keep my lungs strong.  3 - 6 miles a run should do the trick.

Wish me luck peeps!

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Firecracker 2014 

My lazy ass really wanted to post this the day of the race but the runner high, post run feast, and rousing game of Risk between me and my buddies derailed those plans.

As such, this entry won’t be as in-depth as I originally intended so I’ll try to just stick to the facts.

I celebrated a buddy’s bday the night before and it was a pain in the butt because I had to self-police my libations and if you know me, then you know I love libations.  It was all for the good though because I woke up early feeling rested and downed a delicious protein shake and did some stretches.  To my shock, my buddy woke up on time too and we left for the race together…ON TIME!

We hit a little snag on the way there but made it to Chinatown in time to meet up with two other friends and we all got to start the race together. My plan going into the Firecracker was to JUST work on my marathon pace and find my rhythm.  That meant my running buddies were far ahead of me from the start.  

I shocked myself when I managed to run non-stop the first mile at a pretty decent pace and even made it up two-thirds of the first elevation.  After that I thought it best to take a walk and I actually regret that decision a little.  The Firecracker is a very hilly course in the beginning and despite my surname, I hate hills!  The rest of the race was a “run/walk” for me but my lungs eventually opened up and I only made a stop at the first water station.

I finished at the back of the pack with a very unimpressive time(inbox me and I’ll send you a link to it.) but since I wasn’t concerned too much with time it didn’t phase me too much.

The post-run beer garden was a fun little affair.  Got to enjoy a few Michelob Ultras with my friends and then spend the rest of Sunday nerding it up.

I only had minimal soreness for about half a day and was able to do a 10 mile run on Tuesday.  I’m hoping to put in my 15 miles today and possibly 10 on Saturday if my legs don’t fall off!

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Training Day 93: Another One Bites the Dust!

1. Work to home or home to work. 4.35 miles

2. Home to Hollywood or Hollywood to home. 5.30 miles

3. Home to Hollywood and back! 10.60 miles.

4. Home to the beach. 7.50 miles

Home to Hollywood and back was NOT as bad as I thought.  It took a little longer than I would have liked but the plan was covering distance not time so…I guess it was all good.  

I started to feel hunger(thirst?) at around mile 8 and a little lower body soreness around mile 9 but other than that I felt great.  My lungs really don’t kick in until after mile 3 and after that they get really productive.  Nowhere near elite but maybe competitive on a good day.

The plan for the rest of the week it to rest tomorrow and Friday, do about 15 miles on Thursday and Saturday do about 10.  Next week is up in the air right now.

I should mention that the only thing I had before my run is my “homemade all natural energy drink”(recipe will come later) and as a bad habit, didn’t have anything to drink DURING my run.  I know, I know…”stay hydrated or you might die”.  Well my life insurance is paid up and I HATE water!

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Training Day 82: Epiphany!

Even though yesterday’s workout was pretty mediocre I was able to learn something.  A long standing suspicion was confirmed and that, I need to slow the hell down!

My tempo is all out of whack and it’s probably about 50% of the reason I get gassed so often and early.  I think an experienced running partner would help me but undoubtedly hurt my partner since I’m about as fit as a sloth.

I’m really looking forward to the Firecracker in about a week.  The only thing I’m going to do is work on my tempo for the entire race and hope it’s enough to fix the flaws before the marathon.

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