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Don’t worry, not having an Usher moment.  Just wanted to get a couple of things off my chest.  

Last night me and my buddy went to this cool Reggae spot and had a blast! Stayed out later than planned and I tried catching an Uber at around 1 in the AM.  The douche never showed and I was starving and about two miles from home.

Naturally I decided “fuck it, I got this”.  I ran about two miles home to the 24 hour Jack in the Box near my house.  I did this in jeans, longs sleeves, and casual shoes.  This is the most I’ve ran in over a month.  I deserve to have sore ankle and calves today.  Punishment for slacking.

Next week marathon training starts and last night was a wake-up call to get serious.  

You’re not alone runningrican, we all slack off from time to time.

Let’s get back on track!

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I don’t know if it was all the time off, the (slightly)upset stomach, or if I’m getting closer and closer to plateauing but today’s workout sucked!

Been a few months since I really felt a workout during AND afterwards.  The legs feel a little like jelly so I’m consuming all the protein I can get my hands on at the moment.

I was hoping to stave off the plateau in my strength training until the beginning of October to coincide with the start of marathon training but it’s getting tough.  I’ll play it day to day and push as hard as I can.

I’m still mad at myself for over imbibing Sunday and missing my Monday morning run.  I need to find a way to make up for it the next few days since I’m already behind in my miles.

Training is truly a hard thing that’s not for everyone, present company included.  I really admire and respect people who have the dedication and motivation to train day in and day out.  If you’re one of those people, my hat’s off to you!

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(non)Standard Deviation

No…I didn’t stick to the program today but the tension in my muscles tells me I still got a good workout.

I went through similar compound movements and did about the same load but time, availability, and other factors just wouldn’t let me stick to the plan.

I’m not even worried.  I kicked some ass and a mini-vaca is in my near future!

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Super Short Term Goals

I gotta get myself back into running shape before marathon training starts.

In the short term I want to be able to do my pre-training runs non-stop.That shouldn’t be hard considering they’re short runs but my lungs are just being passive-aggressive bitches right now.

With that said, I need to make sure I lace up the Asics after work and put a few miles on them.  That definitely interferes with my drinking schedule but sacrifices must be made right?

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