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Super Short Term Goals

I gotta get myself back into running shape before marathon training starts.

In the short term I want to be able to do my pre-training runs non-stop.That shouldn’t be hard considering they’re short runs but my lungs are just being passive-aggressive bitches right now.

With that said, I need to make sure I lace up the Asics after work and put a few miles on them.  That definitely interferes with my drinking schedule but sacrifices must be made right?

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Completed my first run with my MotoACTV. I’m pretty happy with this little gadget.

The run was tougher than it should have been. Too much time off and still a little chest congestion. I gotta kick some ass on Friday. Starting with my own.

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pre training starts this week and that means I should really set an official “bedtime” for myself.  

that said I have about twelve browser tabs opened, about to open two more, have a butt load of laundry to do, need to watch true blood and dominion and I’m a little hungry.  and it’s almost 10:30.  

it’s safe to say that “bedtimes” are a goal for another day.

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I did some of that yoga stuff today and my body is not happy with me right now.

On a semi-related note, I couldn’t keep up with the 5x5 program this week so it looks like I have to restart it next week.

Also, today is the last day of intake tracking!  I cannot wait to be done with this ritual and I’m actually looking forward to analyzing the results.

And if you took the time to read this then *high five* and have a great weekend!

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Sports are interesting in the fact that some of the people who are best at coaching are those who have never competed at a high level. You’ll find a fair amount of great coaches as managers weren’t great competitors, and may have never competed themselves.

Perfect example: Greg Jackson. Never had a profession MMA fight in his life, yet he’s the best coach + strategist the UFC has ever seen.

Reblogging for everyone who ever said that I didn’t “look like” I knew what I was talking about.

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