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Early observations

DAAAAAAAMN YOOOOU GPPSSSSSSS!!  Sorry had to get that off my chest.  The GPS on my sports tracker went down before my mile run and I wasn’t able to get stats.  :(

Anywho, on to the topic at hand.  

The first week of my training program is done and I actually learned a couple of things.  

The first is that I am NOT fully adapted to cold weather.  I thought after spending most of my life totally adverse to cold weather that in the past few years my Angeleno blood had finally adapted to sub 70 degree weather.  Well after two early morning runs where my hands nearly froze right off my body I couldn’t be more wrong.  Hopefully the weather will be nice for the Firecracker run but regardless I’m going to have to get used to the cold some way.  My best bet is to just man up and move faster?

The second thing I learned is that I’m kinda heavy on the heel.  That means I noticed myself heel striking more than I think I should.  From what I’ve read it’s better to land on the forefoot more than the heel to prevent injury.  I’m not sure just yet how to correct my form so I guess it’s back to the research lab for me.

Lastly, I’m not ready.  Although the first training session was a piece of cake the rest of the week I looked like dog shit.  Thanks to Dwann Brown for that term.  That’s not too good since the first week was the easy one.  It only gets harder from here.  After tomorrow’s 40 minute circuit it’s all non-stop jogging or running.  

I really gotta get my head clear and start focusing.  I should finally take advantage of my 7 day Gold’s Gym pass and do some lower body strength training.  Also throw in some extra cardio work and not just rely on the training program to cover it.  I have to see where I can sneak in some extra training, maybe do two a day workouts?

Suggestions of course are always welcomed.  I’m new to all this and you can never have too much knowledge.  

Ok, enough of the fitness talk for now.  Going to walk up to the farmer’s market for some viddles then back home for GTL and Sunday football.

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Wake Up Call

Though I really love it I’m not talking about the Maroon 5 song that was my personal anthem for a long while a few years back.

I’m talking about the wake up call I got from getting my ass handed to me on the basketball court last night.

I finally got the chance to see what years of neglect has done to my lung capacity.  The short answer: nothing pretty!

No real reason to make this a long entry so I’ll end by saying that as of today I’m making it a short term goal to improve my fitness level before the end of the summer and hopefully I’ll be ready to compete in my first 5k by year’s end.

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Well I’ve been thinking about a blog for a little while now, not because I have anything of relevance to say but because more than two people have suggested I have one.

Nothing has changed, my opinions are still irrelevant to most but I do have a goal now.  A few days ago I finally came up with a topic to blog about and I had this really cool introduction all written out in my head.

Unfortunately my “old gray head” has forgotten most of the words to that kick-ass intro so what you read below is just an incomplete skeleton of that idea.

Yeah…I’m off to a great start!

So this thing that I’m blogging about is something that any sane and logical person would find mind boggling.  Long story short, I’m on a mission to become the first person in recorded history to do a sub two hour marathon.

Not a bad goal you say?  Well here’s some background on me.  I’m about 6’2” and roughly 210#s.  My best guesstimate puts me at a conservative 20% body fat.  I haven’t had a regular gym routine in approximately 2.5 years.  To say I exercised sporadically would be an insult to the word “sporadic”.  

I’ve never even attempted a marathon or anything more than a 2k in my underwear.  Yes that actually happened but it was a for a good cause, don’t judge me!

The closest I’ve ever come to competitive athletics is when I joined my high school dance team cause I didn’t know how to say no to girls.  I am NOT a good dancer by the way.

By now you get the idea that I am in no way, shape, or form ready to do a marathon.  I’m not even ready to TRAIN for a marathon!

So what are you? Stupid?

No not stupid, a little crazy but not stupid.  

The only reason I got the idea to do that is because of this BBC link.  Yeah, I read that on the way to work and decided to try it.  Maybe I am a little stupid?

Anywho, let me get this out of the way if you haven’t already guessed it.  I have no intention of reaching that goal.  Not even gonna pretend to get my hopes up.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not planning on half-assing it but I am a realist afterall.

No the point of this project is to give me motivation to reach other, “smaller” goals in life.  For one reason or another I have not felt very motivated in life.  I’ve spent too much time living in the present with no regard for the future and correlatery the past! Ooh, one blog post and I invent a word! #WINNING!

My theory, and my hope, is that by training hard to accomplish this out of atmosphere goal I’ll reach other goals along the way.  To name but a few: I have a summer wedding I’d like to look good for, I’m too close to 30 to not worry about my health anymore, I need to learn to focus, my body is begging for a detox, I need to… I need to work on a lot. :(

Consider this:  Perfecto Perez is the champion body builder of Mexico.  Perfecto’s dream is to bench press a VW Bettle with four bikini models stuffed inside.  Perfecto trains hard everyday and all day for years and years.  On Perfecto’s 40th birthday he prepares to attempt his great feat.  To Perfecto’s shock and dismay he fails!  But, much to Perfecto’s shock he is awarded the Golden Burro award by the President of Mexico because during his warm up he was able to bench press two Harley Davidsons that were carrying Twin Mexican Playmates.  Perfecto didn’t accomplish his goal but came out a winner!

Yeah, dumb story but I never claimed to be Aesop!  

So with introductions out of the way…time for research!

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