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Wat are you, stupid?

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Got in a twenty minute bike ride this morning that was supposed to be thirty minutes.  :/

Burning quads and low tire pressure were the culprits today.  Btw, when did gas stations raise their prices for air to $1?!?!?

I could use some stretching and a nap but good otherwise. 

Next up is a three mile pace run tomorrow.  Should be an interesting day.

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8 Tips For Running Faster - The Beachbody Blog

My friend Beckie is a Beachbody coach and she started a running group on Facebook.  Someone posted this link in the group and hopefully these simple tips will help some of the newer Runblrs out there.

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Don’t worry, not having an Usher moment.  Just wanted to get a couple of things off my chest.  

Last night me and my buddy went to this cool Reggae spot and had a blast! Stayed out later than planned and I tried catching an Uber at around 1 in the AM.  The douche never showed and I was starving and about two miles from home.

Naturally I decided “fuck it, I got this”.  I ran about two miles home to the 24 hour Jack in the Box near my house.  I did this in jeans, longs sleeves, and casual shoes.  This is the most I’ve ran in over a month.  I deserve to have sore ankle and calves today.  Punishment for slacking.

Next week marathon training starts and last night was a wake-up call to get serious.  

You’re not alone runningrican, we all slack off from time to time.

Let’s get back on track!

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