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Training Day

Today’s a training day, Officer Hoyt. Show you around, give you a taste of the business. I got 38 cases pending trial, 63 in active investigations, another 250 on the log I can’t clear. I supervise five officers. That’s five different personalities. Five sets of problems. You can be number six if you act now. But I ain’t holding no hands, okay? I ain’t baby-sitting. You got today and today only to show me who and what you’re made of. You don’t like narcotics, get the f4ck out of my car. Go get you a nice, pu$$y desk job, chasing bad checks or something, you hear me?”

Ok that quote isn’t 100% accurate but I hope you get the idea.

Today was my first day of training for my first 5k.  I spent about 20 minutes online last week looking around and decided on this training program.  I’m guessing the average runner doesn’t need to train for a little 5k but I’m not a runner.  This is my first (sorta) competitive event.

This shit’s chess, it ain’t checkers “

Regardless of whether it’s 1 mile, 5k, a marathon, or a fun run there’s more to competitive running than lacing up and hitting the road.  I like having as much information as possible before I do ANYTHING and this is no different.  I’ve been reading so much about running that I’m thinking of going into coaching.  I’m kidding.  I know nothing.

So if you clicked that link you got to see the nice, simple PDF training schedule.  It’s a beginner’s training program that I thought suited my level perfectly.  I was really hoping to start yesterday but the inner sloth in me took control.  Then I was going to start early this AM and “nature” took control. :/

I knew that if I talked myself into putting it off until tomorrow morning it just wasn’t gonna happen.  So I sacked up and hit the road.  I even convinced my buddy Sal, aka Dhaka Flaka Flame, to join me.

The 20 minute circuit was much easier than I thought and based on the data from my sports tracker my pace was decent and by the end of the program I should run the 5k in a competitive time.  Not that that’s my goal.  All I wanna do this time out is finish.

To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.”

My pride is the sheep and the wolf is failure.  I refuse to let THAT wolf eat THAT sheep.

So I made it through the session and didn’t die.  I feel pretty damn good actually. I don’t have a second thought about saying that this training program is going to be a piece of cake.

 It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove.”

No matter what I SAY, it doesn’t mean a damn thing until I whip it out and show everybody why I walk with a limp.  I have five weeks to get ready and let everybody know that:

King Kong ain’t got shit on me! “



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