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30 Day Salad Challenge?

I’m seriously considering challenging myself to eating at least one salad everyday for the next 30 days.  

It may not sound like a big deal to all you clean eaters but coming from a “steak and potatoes(and cheese)” guy like myself, this is a HUGE step.

I know the importance of a balanced diet and fiber and colorful veggies but I’ve never been a big fan of salads and I’ve never liked the idea of buying salads.  They just always seem overpriced to me.  And besides…noshing on all that “garnish” takes away valuable tummy space that could be used on more steak.

I guess if I were to do this I’d just make the salads myself.  Hmm…I’m going to need some recipe ideas.

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Training Day 101: Carbo Loading!

This is the fun part y’all!  

I’ve never actually had to carbo-load for anything before but I’ve read researched it in the past for the heck of it.  Since I’m familiar with it I was shocked that I forgot an important part of the process yesterday; and that is the part where you deplete your existing glycogen stores.  

I was looking forward to gorging on yummy pastas and breads today but I haven’t depleted my current “camel hump”.  I SHOULD have gone for a run this morning but I wasn’t quite up to it.  Let’s hope I can get a good run in after work and tomorrow the feasting can begin.

I found good resources on carbo-loading here, here, and here.  All with similar information but it’s good for validation purposes.


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Vitamin C reduces muscle soreness - Nutrition Express Articles

Vitamin C for DOMS?  Am I the last one to hear about this?  Credit to my buddy Ace Marrero for the tip!

Here’s a few more resources to back up the claims:




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