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Woman Goes to the Gym for 100 Days, and Here Are Her Incredible Results

What an awesome story!  Loving the concept of Give it 100 too! 

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The Top 10 Sports Quotes, by your notes, on Athletic Poetics this year:

  1. Bruce Lee: balance your thoughts
  2. Bruce Lee: defeat is a state of mind
  3. Dwayne Johnson: opportunity’s door
  4. Steve Prefontaine: who has the most guts
  5. Jesse Owens: I was going to fly
  6. Jim Valvano: fathers day, belief
  7. Bruce Lee: daily decreases
  8. Babe Ruth: the next home run
  9. Roger Bannister: breaking the 4-minute mile
  10. Michael Jordan: make it happen

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Here’s to 2014!

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