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Anonymous asked: Do u know if any great motivational blogs for men?



















and pretty much anyone they follow is solid.

I apologize I didn’t answer sooner, school wifi doesn’t allow tumblr



Should be added to this list!

Thanks :)

I would add firstsubtwo, geocycle2010, and omegameh. They are three great guys who motivate me quite a bit with biking and running!

*blush* aww shucks! Thanks Jess!

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Ramadan Redux

If you don’t know me in real life then chances are you don’t know that two of my closest friends are sort of Muslims.  I say sort of because there are only a handful of Muslim type things that they observe.  One of them is Ramadan.

The quick definition of Ramadan is that it’s thirty days of holiness that focuses on fasting from dawn to dusk.  No eating or drinking anything, even water.  It started Saturday evening and will last until July 28th.  It makes it kind of hard to keep up your fitness when you can eat during the day but that’s not how it relates to fitness.  For me anyway.

For me, this means that I have some time to (sort of)detox and step up my training.  Like I said, these guys are two of my closest friends so naturally they’re my main drinking buddies.  Since they can’t drink for thirty days that essentially leaves me without any partners in crime for the major part of the next month.  My birthday month no less.

Normally this would cause me to cry into my Guiness at the end of a bar but since I’m trying my hardest to stick with a training program and possibly compete in some events later this year, this would be a good opportunity for me to seize the bull by the horns.

With my drinking limited to once or twice a week and my weekend days free, I’ll be able to fit in more hours at the gym and on the road.  With less decisions made by alcohol maybe I’ll skip the Midnight Munchie Meals.  Most importantly though, I’m hoping to convince my buddies to replace the drinking time with fitness time and join me for some hikes or beach runs.

Of course this is all speculation though and I’m sure the Irish in me will take over at some point and force a beer down my throat.  Someone please check in with me in thirty days and ask me about all my gains!

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rouxnybtrfly asked: Didn't work out Wednesday (although i did go for a 2-mile jog). Didn't work out Thursday (although i did roller skate for two hours). What i'm trying confess is: i started a lifting program Sunday but have only done it twice so far. Please punish me!

Sin: Lack of Motivation and Commitment

Pennance: Watch about an hour of CT Fletcher videos on Youtube and download his motivational app.

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