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Woman Goes to the Gym for 100 Days, and Here Are Her Incredible Results

What an awesome story!  Loving the concept of Give it 100 too! 

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Sorry, just clearing my throat there.

Picture yourself setting up for a deadlift or waiting for the starting gun and all of a sudden the sound of Vinn Lombardo’s vocals shoots through your ears like a hot bullet straight into the part of your brain that says “GO!”

I dare you NOT to set a new personal best!

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Joseph D'Amico

For Fitness Friday I want to put the spotlight on someone you may already know.

This guy is my new idol!  If he’s not yours then maybe you need to read more about him HERE or HERE or just go HERE and choose for yourself!

It seems like a fun challenge to try but it’s been done already.  I think I’ll stick to trying to be the first person to run a sub two hour marathon.

As fun, satiating, and tasty as Mr. D’Amico’s challenge was I think running a marathon in under two hours is a great accomplishment as well.

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Listen to the lyrics again.  

Listen one more time.

Feel inspired?  I do every time I hear this song.  The lyrics speak to me directly and they should since they’re pretty clear and straight forward.  No hidden meanings, no word play.  Just a clear message of “the past is in the past, mistakes have been made but now is the time to set things right.”

This song actually inspired a tattoo design that I have yet to get but am very eager to get badged onto my skin.

It was written and performed by Building a Better Spaceship a group that I am sorry to say is no longer together.  I can honestly say they are my favorite band of all time.  They’re the first band I ever had any sort of connection with.  I went to a lot of their shows on Hermosa Pier and Sunset blvd. in my younger days.

I added it to my workout playlist purely for inspiration.  It gets me going, keeps me motivated and reminds me to keep pushing.

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Mentor Monday

I haven’t come up with any cool and healthy recipes in a while so instead of Munchy Monday I want to make this Mentor Monday.

I’ve had a lot of mentors in my life and I try to find a new one everyday.  I have more than one mentor because my life isn’t singular.  I’m one of the biggest plurals you’ll ever meet.  I’d probably go batshit crazy if I only knew one thing.

That said the people that I’m talking about today are my fitness mentors.  I know them personally and I’ve gotten good advice from them as well as had good fun with them.  This blog is afterall related to fitness so it’s only fitting that I mention my fitness mentors.   So don’t feel bad if you don’t see your name here.  I still look up to my sista Brandi Bates for literary knowledge and Robert Elway for all things gold related so don’t think I don’t love all y’all.

Without further delay I want to go ahead and thank Marie Lanza, Ace Marrero, and Tiger Joo!

These are three of the fittest people I know.  Fitness for them is a lifestyle.  Marie a sexy cajun who’s run many events from ironmans to triatholons.  Ace is a certified Tough Mudder and Tiger is the #1 personal trainer in L.A.’s Koreatown.

Hopefully at some point I’ll get to interview each of them for this blog.

Until then check out their websites, bodies of work, and follow them on Twitter.  You won’t be sorry!




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