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If a former President of THE United States of Amuureca says it’s a word then it’s a gosh darn word!

So with introductions and preliminary research behind me I think it’s time to plot a course of action.  I’m starting to realize something about myself and that’s that I’m a bit of a stickler for definitions.  On that note I’m going to make this post about my “strategy” as opposed to my “plan”.

To put it simply, I think of “plans” as something you try, and only works once.  Hence the terms “plan b” and “back up plan”.  I look at a “strategy” as something that is well thought out and can be used over and over again in multiple types of scenarios to success.

If you happened to read my last entry prior to this you’ll see I touched on the subjects of training, healthy livers, and nutrition.  I’ll take you a bit deeper into how I plan on incorporating all that.


Before I even think of signing up for or even training for a marathon I need to get myself into shape to train.  

Stop laughing.

It may sound like one of those generic excuses people use for not getting into the gym but I have it on good authority that before training for a marathon you should be able to meet a minimal level of fitness.  It’s really to keep you from dying 5 miles in.  I am the first person to admit that I don’t meet those minimal fitness requirements.  I may look good in a suit but my cardio is waaaay down!

In order to make it to that minimum level I’m going to use a workout routine I dubbed the “Go Hard Prison System V.2”.  And yes, there actually was a part one to it.  It’s really just a bodyweight routine that I tweaked and for V.2 really did try to upgrade.  I’ll cover the complete “system” in a seperate entry.

The routine I’ll be using doesn’t have a companion diet program and I don’t much plan on incorporating one into it.  I do know the importance of proper nutrition but I really struggle to practice what I preach.  Since I do have a few secondary and tertiary goals I don’t want to interfere with them by having to stick to a strict diet program.

I will however be paying attention more to what I put into my body in the next month or so.  I need to trim a few inches to look good for a wedding and I need to shed some fat to look good at the beach.  Not that I’m not already a sexy beast, I just want to be the SEXIEST beast at the beach. ;)

While on the topic of nutrition and diet, in a separate entry I’ll go over for you how I’ll be tweaking my current non-existent diet to benefit my training program without sacrificing cost, quality, or taste.

So you’ve read a lot of words already and you probably already got bored and started playing angry birds or words with friend but if you’re still around let me just lay out the strategy for you:

  1. Get in shape to train by working out at a ferocious pace until I’m past minimal
  2. Condition myself to run for two hours straight without rest
  3. Ditch the “workout routine” for an “active lifestyle” 
  4. Compete in a 5k
  5. Compete in a 10k
  6. Compete in a half marathon
  7. Finish a marathon in under two hours

I think step one has been laid out for you so let clarify the rest.  Step two is to condition myself to run for a prolonged period of time.  I want to do this because quite simply I’ll need to be able to do it at some point in order to just finish a marathon. Step three is probably not easily comprehensible and probably won’t be still after this explanation but I’ll try.  Marathoning is running.  Running is a basic human skill and ability.  It differs from weight training and sports training in that it’s just simple.  Spending hours in a gym, or studying won’t prepare me for a marathon.  Being outdoors and “going through the motions” will not only prepare me physically but mentally for the task.  Once I feel like I’m in proper shape physically I’m going to cut back on the schedule workouts and gym time and focus more on being active on trails and pavement so my body can get used to real air and terrain.

The next few steps I’m going to consider warm ups to the big event.  I’m not going to aspire to win in the 5k, 10k, or half marathon.  I want to compete in those events as a personal test of my abilities and to experience running with the pack.  You can liken it to a pro fighter engaging in a few sparring sessions before a title fight.

Lastly I plan on getting across that line in under two hours.  Might not happen the first time out but I’m going to keep trying until I hit it.  I won’t be mentally prepared for what it really takes to muscle past all of those top athletes, break free from the pack, hit my stride, and cross that line until I’ve done it once or twice and built a callous over my mind.

So as long winded as that was it’s all laid out now.  I know what I have to do, let’s hope I can actually do it!

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