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Running out of time (no pun intended)

So next week the training starts but I still haven’t gotten the most important piece of equipment…


I’m new to this running thing.  I’ve jogged before, ran on a court and on a field but never actually “ran”.  I would always just throw on whatever pair of sneakers I had and hit the pavement.  No worries.  

If I’m going to get serious it’s time for a serious pair of footwear.  Doing research, picking the right shoe is an actual science.  

This 5k next month isn’t meant to be competitive at all and is more of a fitness test/warm up for the real training.  That said I don’t plan on dropping major bucks on a pair of running shoes.  My goal is to stick to the $50 range.  

I got some advice from my favorite fitness bunny Marie who suggested a nice pair of Asics or New Balance.  Both are pretty popular familiar brands.  Not the best looking if memory serves me but from what I’ve always heard they’re tops when it comes to running.

The plan this weekend is to pick a comfortable pair ASAP and get them broken in before training starts on Monday.  Hopefully these will last me through the 10k in April and maybe even the June Mile.  I’ll get a new pair for the 1/2 mile and for the marathon I’m planning on getting two really good pair to alternate during training and for the actual event.


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