2 hours or less?

Wat are you, stupid?

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(non)Standard Deviation

No…I didn’t stick to the program today but the tension in my muscles tells me I still got a good workout.

I went through similar compound movements and did about the same load but time, availability, and other factors just wouldn’t let me stick to the plan.

I’m not even worried.  I kicked some ass and a mini-vaca is in my near future!

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A Sub-2-Hour Marathon?!?! It Could Happen Sooner Than You Think - Competitor.com

So this is why I run people.  I’m trying to be the person that this article predicts will emerge within the next decade.

I’m a long way off from finishing a marathon in an “average” time let alone a competitive one.

Realistically, I’m not the person to do this but I’ll be damned if I stop trying.

Now you know why my blog is “firstsubtwo”.

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