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Week In Review: Week 2

I honored my rest days and kept them holy!  Only, I should do more active recovery on those days. I need to get a regular stretching/rolling routine to loosen up the muscles and hips.

Tuesday’s 4 miler was pretty easy, just a little slow. I’m still struggling on my bike rides.  I think I need to adjust the handle bars now in addition to adding more air to my tires.  This is ridiculous, I’m a grown ass man having trouble riding a bike.

My tempo run really sucked ass. I didn’t have enough of a time to get warmed up so I know what to do the next time.  

I missed my seven mile run on Saturday and tried to make up for it on the treadmill yesterday.  Not a good idea.  There was no A/C in the gym and I was dying in the first mile.  I pushed through and managed to get in four junky miles but it was very underwhelming.  I was supposed to be doing an hour of strength training yesterday and to my shock the gym was “full” at 8:30 p.m. on a Sunday.  I only got in a quick circuit but I’m sure my body didn’t even notice.

Well, today is resting and Monday Night Football and then a relatively easy training schedule this week.  

Here’s to putting up some good numbers!

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The World's Greatest Stretch

Seems legit!

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